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Ownership of Pure Bendigo Gold Honey was passed to the Drake family in 2012.   The business is run by the owners—Lynda and Martin Drake and son Lachlan Drake. 


We collect the best seasonal honey from our Victorian Apiarists.  This honey is packed in our factory in Bendigo’s premium food processing precinct—Mayfair Park Estate. 


The honey is processed to take out all the twigs, bees’ legs, wax and so on.  Then once it has been run through a filter it is put into jars.  The product is also sorted to its suitability for either the table market or into various flavour and colour profiles for food producers where it is a key ingredient in the delicious products they make.


Most of our honey comes from Apiarist located within 100km from Bendigo.   We travel around Victoria, southern NSW and South Australia talking to other beekeepers and purchasing only their best honey.  We need to ensure we have organised enough supply of honey for the busy times of the year, usually the winter months when paradoxically it is also the time that bees don’t make as much honey. 


We also spend a lot of travelling time talking to grocers (such as IGA who have been very supportive), butchers and grocers in order to get our product onto the shelves.  


The best thing about being in the honey business is travelling all over Victoria and seeing and meeting with some awesome people and country.

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Through our other family business, Tojo Packaging, we offer a range of quality Bee Keeping equipment and supplies.

Key to this offering is the Swienty range of over 1000 high quality Bee Keeping products and machines.





1. Filling
Swienty’s famous DANA api MATIC product line, one of their flagships, is the most reliable filling system on the market. It is professional, flexible and can be upgraded continuously to meet the requirements of an expanding business.

2. Heating Technology
The Swienty DANA api THERMA heating- and straining systems are ideal for honey processing, straining and liquefaction.  The tools are effective yet gentle on the honey, which preserves the quality of the honey at the same time as reducing the workload considerably.

3. Polystyrene beehives
Swienty top quality polystyrene beehives SWI-BO are manufactured in several hive sizes: The international Langstroth, Modified Dadant, the Danish 12x10 and the two most important British sizes, Smith and National.   For these hives we carry everything, from hive bodies to feeding trays and springs.

4. Queen Breeding
Swienty high quality equipment covers every aspect of queen breeding: API-QUEEN PUZZLE shipping cages, SWI-BINE mating hives, Swienty Incubators and of course our award winning Swienty artificial insemination apparatus.

Download the 2014/15 Swienty catalog here

We have always been internationally oriented, which is really showing now.  Our Swienty filling solutions have been used for some years by discerning Australian and New Zealand Bee Keepers and Honey Packer.

We also offer a range of high quality plastic jars and pails.


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